List of Climbing Equipment to be brought by the guests

Apart from the above arrangements which will be our responsibility, the following equipment will be required for climbing portion and guests need to organize them.

S.N Items Unit Remarks
01 Carabineers 2 single rights per person
02 Crampons 1 pair  per person
03 Double Climbing Boots 1 pair per each
04 Ice ax 1 each
05 Ice Hammer 1 piece only
06 Climbing helmets 1 each
07 Get-ups 1 pair
08 Rock piton 2/3 pieces total
09 Snow Bar 2 pieces total
10 Ordinary piton 2/4 pieces big total
11 Ordinary piton 2/4 pieces small total
12 Climbing waist Belt (Harness) 1 piece each (ceiling Schemata)
13 Snow Goggles 1 piece each
14 Thermal wears Thermal cap, down (jacket, paint, Gloves), Gloves, getups, woolen socks, etc.
15 Thermal sleeping bags With fleece internal liner and external cover which can maintain the temperature of minus 20~ 30 degrees Celsius.